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Where is the Floral Industry Headed?

Let’s face it, in this day and age it’s more important to get in on industry trends than ever before because otherwise, our businesses may be simply forgotten. The internet really changed the way consumers are willing to acquire their products and thus shifting the entire supply chain towards a more technology-based business model that forces us to look at proficiency and productivity with a magnifying glass.

This means that if you are still not in the digital world, you may be lagging behind. Some of the things your company may be worrying about now is online presence. The most effective way of getting the correct amount of notice in the online world is through E-commerce or online shops, specially in the floral industry where there is a clear trend being largely noticed about having an e-commerce put in place for customers of all types.

If you are still resisting online stores, here are a few things some of you may be thinking and reasons why you shouldn’t:

“ My customers are busy procurement managers that don’t have the time to go buying online as if they were shopping for clothes.”

We’ll begin by telling you that just as you are reading this article, many others in the industry are also being pushed into the digital world- that means your customers are probably heading that way as well. Procurement managers are more digital-prone now than even 5 years ago, so they most likely prefer showing their effectiveness by shopping online as much as they can rather than chitchatting 20 minutes with a sales rep before they’re able to place an order.

“You don’t get the same type of service by buying online and we want to give our customers the best service.”

This topic is closely related to the service we mentioned earlier, it is a total myth that you don’t get the same service! In fact, if your sales department doesn’t have to take the orders, they can provide a better service in terms of order confirmation, upselling, and follow ups without affecting your customer’s effectiveness. 

“It’s the same as if I were taking the order myself, maybe even worse because I already know the process like the back of my hand.”

Just think about the level of automation you can reach by having all your vendor availability and future sales inventory show on your e-commerce and Prebooks and Standing Orders being processed automatically with K2K. It really doesn’t get any better than that!