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Why Importers Should Care About Komet to Komet

“Komet to Komet is an integration between two companies using Komet Sales in which the importer projects their on hand inventory onto the wholesaler’s platform without the latter committing to purchase any items until they are requested by the end customer.”

Did you get that? You, a floral importer, can have your free-flowing, not-purchased-yet, open-market inventory displayed to all of your customers and their customers without having to do absolutely anything! Granted, there’s a one-time setup to make this integration happen, but your inventory gets updated in real time and on a regular basis after that.

A few things we can’t stress enough here:

K2K for importers works like an endless network

You can integrate with as many wholesale customers as you want – Yes, a thousand if you’d like! That means that your inventory will not only be available to your customer’s procurement team to make PO’s and the sales staff to create Prebooks with these products but their customers (retailers, other wholesalers, etc) can also see these products through your customer’s online store. Your market automatically multiplies with the visibility your products will be getting.

You don’t have to keep calling and sending files

Bet you do one or the other to let your customers know about availability right now. How much time does it take away from the actual selling part of your day? And if you add that up with the time you spend sending it every time to all you customers? Tons! You can avoid all that! K2K automatically syncs up your inventory to your customer’s platform without you even having to push a button.

What do I need to do, you ask?

As mentioned earlier, all parties must be using the Komet Sales platform; you can have just one user if you’d like, but need to be on Komet to be able to sync up all the inventory. If you’re already in Komet, just get your customers on board and you’re off to implementations! For more information about the implementation process for this feature, check out our workshop on Komet to Komet.

Need any more reasons to want to use it? Just the fact that you are getting more visibility is huge! Ask one of our specialists to give you a run through.