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Managing Various Locations in the Floral Industry

As your floral business expands, you’ll find yourself managing a few locations at a time – or at least that’s the goal. Being able to properly manage your operations throughout all your branches is challenging and finding the solution to this type of struggle can be the determinant for growth. Luckily, Komet’s platform is well versed when it comes to multi-location companies as it allows corporate purchasing, specific configurations by location, inventory transfers between branches  and enables user access to multiple locations.

Corporate Purchasing

This topic can be extensive since it involves settings, tags, and a whole separate workflow but it suffices to say that Komet allows buying corporate needs between the company’s locations. When you enable this option, you will be able to assign users in charge of the corporate purchasing and entering the tags with which you will be associated to Prebooks for these type of orders.

Company vs Location Settings

When you run a multi location company, the system will require a few extra tweaks within the settings to be able to adjust to your needs. Aspects such as the personalizing printed labels, placing restrictions on sales tabs, adjusting freight and handling costs, selling by units, applying Finance Charges and setting up port management and transit days can all be done by location, so each one can set up the system as it best fits their needs.

Inventory Transfers Between Locations

The system allows you to schedule inventory transfers between all your branches. The branch that is transferring the inventory must have set up the receiving location as a customer to be able to properly invoice the product being transferred.

User Access to Locations

Additionally, when you have multiple locations, you might want to give your users access to buy or sell inventory from more than one location – users of all types of roles can be associated to each location.  This can greatly benefit your customers because 1) the freight charges will differ from one origin to another and 2) selling from several locations allows a bigger inventory source. To be able to do this, you’ll have to go under Setup locations and edit (include) the users you wish to associate to that location. Once this is done, each user will have to choose the location from which they want to sell every time they place an Order or Prebook.

There is so much more to take into consideration when managing a floral business with multiple locations but this is a great start to help you automate processes and encourage a healthy flow of communication between all sides.